The Weird Equipment

If you've seen us, you know we use some strange equipment on stage. Most notable is the telephone that Waverly uses as his harmonica microphone. He prefers old phones from the 1950's and 1960's, basically anything he can get cheap and turn into a microphone. By using the old speaker element in the phone as the mic diaphragm it gives him a cool lo-fi sound that works well with the band.

The second most asked about piece of equipment would be the amplifiers used by Waverly and Demian. Wave's amp is built in an old Zenith tabletop radio from 1938. The original electronics were removed and replaced with a clone of a 1950's Fender Champ. Since Demian is a little harder on his equipment, his amp was made from a 1950's Samsonite suitcase. The amp circuit in Demians suitcase is also a clone of a 1950's Fender Champ. Both are only 5 watts, but that is more than enough power for most venues when also run through a PA. The amps were built by bassist Randy Ball, and they were the first two he built. If you want to find out a little more about his custom amps go to

Waverly's Zenith Radio Amp